Kept active

South Park didn't happen, so that was a shame, but life goes on. In the time gap since the last artistic posts, I've done the following:

1) Rigged up a hexapod mech for a friend
2) Reworked some of the rendering for the Prowler car
3) started(and currently working on) a club scene slightly reminiscent of old clubs and music halls
4) Took a rigging test for a company(see below)

I'm currently in the running for a rigging position for a company called Marvimation. The main lead there is saying that I'm pretty much in, but the head rigger of the company has the final say, so I've still some waiting to do. Originally, I though I was going to receive an assigned character to set up and have evaluated, but the lead rigger never gave me the files. Meanwhile, in order to keep my skills on hand, I rigged up one of the characters they gave access to. That ended up becoming my test.

Less on business, halloween is drawing near, and as is tradition for me and the family, we're going to hand out candy, if the kids and adults are brave enough to get close to the house.