Time flies when your having fun(?)

Where have I been? Gotta blow on this thing like an SNES cartridge. Anyway, no I haven't gone anywhere beyond the radius of my apartment and, on the occasional Wednesdays, the local pub to meet with game artists. However, the frequency of this is going to change, as I finally got a job! Right now I'm working from home since the office isn't quite ready to work in yet, but they tell me its just about ready.

I had one freelance gig back on the 12 for the company Syndrome Studios in Hollywood, rigging up a hand for the show/special called "The Voice" for CBS. Though it was for only a day, I kinda dug the place since it was on the top floor of a building looking out onto a park and the rest of the main city. Side note: Apple Bacon Quiche is freakin amazing. I must try to make it at some point.

Anyway, back to the job. The company itself is called The Film Group Inc, and its based out in Van Nuyes. That's not a short drive by any means, especially considering the freeways I need to get there, but I don't mind since the work is cool and the pay is good. I had also gotten contacted by the company Possible Productions to come and work on a project, but the project itself had been dropped, so they have me on stand by should another project come up that they can use me. I really hope I get called back in to work since the folks there were really cool, and the place their office is located is eerie as hell. You can hear people entering the building from the other end on the second floor! Some good acoustics there.

Anyway, thats about all to report for now. I'll report more when more comes up.